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Cream cosmetics products stable quality, problems still exist
date: 2014/4/23

The sampling results show that, the continuous state supervision and inspection to promote the enterprise quality awareness, product quality steadily improve the level of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Some quality problems are found in selectiving examination: cream cosmetics is smeared on the skin of the daily necessities, the mandatory national standard is strictly limited to the total number of bacteria and other health indicators, standard bacteria should be ≤ 1000 / g, but the spot checks found 1 products of the indicators have high cannot count. In addition, the national standard specified in cosmetics sales packaging must be labeled with the following contents: product name, manufacturer's name and address, the contents, amount, date of production license number, hygiene license number and product standard, special use cosmetics must be marked for special use cosmetics hygiene approval number, but the individual product packaging only manufacturer name, address of manufacturer unlabeled.

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