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Select cream cosmetics
date: 2014/4/23

n a wide variety of cosmetics, cream cosmetics sales of the largest. In summer, people often choose all kinds of sunscreen, cream, moisturizing cream, whitening cream; spring and autumn, people often choose moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream; winter, due to relatively dry skin, people often choose moisturizing nutrient cream skin. Attention should buy cream cosmetics:

1 to buy in large shopping malls, supermarkets, and keep the invoice. Do not covet cheap to buy local in the stall or bazaars, cosmetics quality can't be ensured in these places.

2 check the label before buying the contents of the box is complete. Labels should be net content include the product name, manufacturer name and address, (net capacity), production date and shelf life or production batch number and the expiry date, production license, health permit number and product standard, special use cosmetics (such as: sunscreen, Hair Coloring, perm, education hair, beauty breast, deodorization, freckle, hair removal etc.) should show the special cosmetics approval number. Imported cosmetics should be marked with imported cosmetics hygiene license approval number and distributors, agents name, address. If the content is not complete, should be careful to buy.

3 according to the individual's skin, dry, neutral, oily were selected products, and suitable for their own use of the product according to different seasons. In addition, according to personal hobbies to choose different types of products, choose to pay attention to paste products should delicate luster, oil-free oyster flavor.

4 beware of cosmetics cause skin allergies. Read the package instructions use cosmetics before, especially the use of the new brand of cosmetics before hand to: cream cosmetics are the most frequently used cosmetics, consumers in the selection of cosmetics, should consider the user's skin and seasons, not to purchase and use of expired products, the use of the new brand beware of allergic skin cosmetics. The medial arm or ear root and coated with a small amount of product, after 24 hours without redness, itching and other allergic phenomena can be used, if redness, itching phenomenon should immediately stop using the.

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